Thursday, April 12, 2018

Oshawa SEO Meetup

I'm happy to announce the creation of my first SEO Meetup!
Concord Swift Devs Meetup was born out of the need to spread the "Learn to code by practice" idea. It is imperative that you get your hands dirty now and be prepared for any kind of future opportunities in the Computer Science era, especially programming or coding.

The first step is hard to take but I'm confident it will bring lots of good things for us web and iOS developers, as well as front and back-end developers.
If you live in the area, I cordially invite you to join us by registering to our group as soon as possible, there is a limited number of members due to logistic reasons.
More than another tech group, I hope this meetup brings the best of us as to provide the local community with fresh talent and reactivate all the companies that need to reinvent themselves or make a change by innovating through a new product, project or SEO application.
This past year, Apple brought Swift and with all that it means, drive the mobile market to a new potential. Taking advantage of how-to write mobile and native applications that are responsive is our final goal.
First step, have your basic programming and algorithms refreshed by working thorough few SEO challenges with an optional Ahrefs application if you like to build your website or for yourself or a client. Then, we tackle Swift 2, hopefully released the upcoming weeks, and start building our first App. The idea is by building a strong foundation, we can stack up other platforms with similar code.
Please send me any question you may have, I'll try to answer it in a few hours.
I wish all a good Fall season and success in your present and future projects!
God speed Concord Devs!

PS: Meetup dates and location will be changing soon. So Concord Swift Devs Meetup is around the corner. Join us!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

How to organize a live video on the site

What they do not come up with to entice users to the site. It's not good or good to judge me. Today we'll talk about streaming video streaming on the site. I recently collided so I will share with the users of the forum. So, it does not matter what you broadcast, a football match or an IT conference. We need:
Laptop or netbook
Access to the Internet
Server (Preferred)
We connect the camera to the laptop. Install it Media Encoder. For flesh - a free version of Flash Media Live Encoder. In FMLE we specify the address of the steam server, set the broadcast format and press the large start button. But with the beginning we need the media server itself, you can use the services.

Services that allow you to broadcast a lot of video, but not everyone can work with RTMP protocol. Basically they are designed to work with a web-camera, but we have another task. Having spent a little time, I found a couple of suitable services, 2 of them support the Russian language.
Here are these services:
Register and get the import file settings. Either there will be provided a URL and NAME which you need to enter most in the FMLE program. The link for posting on the site will be provided directly in the broadcast itself. I recommend to register in all 3 services and thoroughly test. Neither do I want to impose, but I liked Yatv, the broadcast less buggy. But, unfortunately, they have limitations on resources. There is another option to use your server.
Own server
The license for FMS is very expensive, so the budget option is Red5 for CentOS. Manuals on installation a lot, both in English and Russian, so I do not see the point of painting, see for yourself.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Is it Worth Investing in a Mini-Laptop?

For years, consumers were into large laptops with the biggest possible screens. Some screens are even the same size as large desktop computer sceens. However, these laptops are not always practical if you travel around with them frequently. Frequent travel requires a device you can store it in, such as mini luggage. This in itself can be a hassle.
Mini laptops, also called miniature notebooks, solve this problem. The average size screen is eight inches. This is a good size to fit into a backpack, business case, or purse. All mini laptops are capable of accessing the internet and holding basic programs such as word processor. They are easier to use on a plane and in a car than traditional sized laptops, because you have more room to work. Mini laptops are also less expensive, with some manufacturers offering them at $299.
However, there are a few downsides of mini laptops. Since they are so small, they do not have the same storage capacity as traditional laptops or desktop computers. Therefore, they are not ideal for storing massive amounts of pictures and documents. These computers are also not good for gaming, because they do not hold enough memory. Mini laptops do not have the space for playing DVDs and CDs, though you can download movies and music onto them.
On the other hand, mini laptops are ideal if you need them solely for internet access or basic office documents. This is handy for a student who does not want to lug a heavy laptop around campus. If you already have a large laptop or a desktop computer, you may consider investing in a mini laptop as a supplement. You can use your standard computer at home or for functions that require more memory space while you can use a mini-laptop while away from home. Nevertheless, this newer technology is likely to improve over time.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Get your website Top on Search Engines by SEO

Get your website Top on Search Engines by SEO

By Green Genie SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basically process with particular steps, that makes it perfect for search engines to catch them and take them on top after verify their quality. To take your website top on major search engines you have to complete those process, cause SEO is an ongoing process. So today we will discuss those basic steps that are your website get more priority on search engines and with this basic steps you will lift a powerful step and your future marketing process will be more easy to maintain.
Domain Name :
So first we will start with the domain name because for an online business you have made this as your first step to choose a reliable domain for your business. Domain name actually contains your business name like, if your company name is “SEO Fantasy” then your domain should contain the same or nearby, like / .net / .org / .info etc. A good domain name is so important to take your website to the top. A good and optimized domain name help much to get placed on search engines quickly and easily, So try to choose domain name contains your business or website keywords and easy to speak that visitor will remember your website easily and get back to you again. you can read,
What is the domain name and how do you register one?
Keyword :
The keyword is basically some letters or phrases who identify specific search terms, things or categories. Like if you want to search a song then you will search for this ” new hip hop songs” so this the keyword basically an idea from we search something. Now after your search, you can see millions of result contain the keyword and they also take much work to get on top and to take a website to the top of search engines you have to do keyword research first.
Backlinks :
Backlinks are most impotent part of off page SEO. To get any website to the top of the search engine it’s most important and must to do backlinks.  But be careful about the quality because it’s important to make backlinks quality strong and relevant.
Web Hosting : 
Some people even do not care about web hosting, they just choose anyone without any research this is no correct. Because it’s most important to make a website more secure and it’s effect on the ranking of search engine. So you have to choose and use a good web hosting. Also, you can check here for the good web hosting. 
Page Loading Time :
All search engine take extra care about fast loading web pages and give a good place and it’s really a major subject for SEO and gets your visitors keep in site. So try to avoid much javascript that makes your website faster and also search engines get trouble to catch hyperlinks from javascript.
Visitor and Content :
Your visitors is the most effective way to get ranked 10x time faster , cause search engines catch how much visitors you get, how much time they spent to read your content and for that you have to care about your content because “Content is the king” even good content get ranked without SEO so 1st think for a website to care about your content.
Some of Green Genie's handiwork.

So hope you get some idea about how you will get start and get good rank more faster. If you have more question please comment blow . Thank you.