Monday, February 19, 2018

Get your website Top on Search Engines by SEO

Get your website Top on Search Engines by SEO

By Green Genie SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basically process with particular steps, that makes it perfect for search engines to catch them and take them on top after verify their quality. To take your website top on major search engines you have to complete those process, cause SEO is an ongoing process. So today we will discuss those basic steps that are your website get more priority on search engines and with this basic steps you will lift a powerful step and your future marketing process will be more easy to maintain.
Domain Name :
So first we will start with the domain name because for an online business you have made this as your first step to choose a reliable domain for your business. Domain name actually contains your business name like, if your company name is “SEO Fantasy” then your domain should contain the same or nearby, like / .net / .org / .info etc. A good domain name is so important to take your website to the top. A good and optimized domain name help much to get placed on search engines quickly and easily, So try to choose domain name contains your business or website keywords and easy to speak that visitor will remember your website easily and get back to you again. you can read,
What is the domain name and how do you register one?
Keyword :
The keyword is basically some letters or phrases who identify specific search terms, things or categories. Like if you want to search a song then you will search for this ” new hip hop songs” so this the keyword basically an idea from we search something. Now after your search, you can see millions of result contain the keyword and they also take much work to get on top and to take a website to the top of search engines you have to do keyword research first.
Backlinks :
Backlinks are most impotent part of off page SEO. To get any website to the top of the search engine it’s most important and must to do backlinks.  But be careful about the quality because it’s important to make backlinks quality strong and relevant.
Web Hosting : 
Some people even do not care about web hosting, they just choose anyone without any research this is no correct. Because it’s most important to make a website more secure and it’s effect on the ranking of search engine. So you have to choose and use a good web hosting. Also, you can check here for the good web hosting. 
Page Loading Time :
All search engine take extra care about fast loading web pages and give a good place and it’s really a major subject for SEO and gets your visitors keep in site. So try to avoid much javascript that makes your website faster and also search engines get trouble to catch hyperlinks from javascript.
Visitor and Content :
Your visitors is the most effective way to get ranked 10x time faster , cause search engines catch how much visitors you get, how much time they spent to read your content and for that you have to care about your content because “Content is the king” even good content get ranked without SEO so 1st think for a website to care about your content.
Some of Green Genie's handiwork.

So hope you get some idea about how you will get start and get good rank more faster. If you have more question please comment blow . Thank you.

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