Thursday, April 12, 2018

Oshawa SEO Meetup

I'm happy to announce the creation of my first SEO Meetup!
Concord Swift Devs Meetup was born out of the need to spread the "Learn to code by practice" idea. It is imperative that you get your hands dirty now and be prepared for any kind of future opportunities in the Computer Science era, especially programming or coding.

The first step is hard to take but I'm confident it will bring lots of good things for us web and iOS developers, as well as front and back-end developers.
If you live in the area, I cordially invite you to join us by registering to our group as soon as possible, there is a limited number of members due to logistic reasons.
More than another tech group, I hope this meetup brings the best of us as to provide the local community with fresh talent and reactivate all the companies that need to reinvent themselves or make a change by innovating through a new product, project or SEO application.
This past year, Apple brought Swift and with all that it means, drive the mobile market to a new potential. Taking advantage of how-to write mobile and native applications that are responsive is our final goal.
First step, have your basic programming and algorithms refreshed by working thorough few SEO challenges with an optional Ahrefs application if you like to build your website or for yourself or a client. Then, we tackle Swift 2, hopefully released the upcoming weeks, and start building our first App. The idea is by building a strong foundation, we can stack up other platforms with similar code.
Please send me any question you may have, I'll try to answer it in a few hours.
I wish all a good Fall season and success in your present and future projects!
God speed Concord Devs!

PS: Meetup dates and location will be changing soon. So Concord Swift Devs Meetup is around the corner. Join us!

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