Sunday, March 25, 2018

How to organize a live video on the site

What they do not come up with to entice users to the site. It's not good or good to judge me. Today we'll talk about streaming video streaming on the site. I recently collided so I will share with the users of the forum. So, it does not matter what you broadcast, a football match or an IT conference. We need:
Laptop or netbook
Access to the Internet
Server (Preferred)
We connect the camera to the laptop. Install it Media Encoder. For flesh - a free version of Flash Media Live Encoder. In FMLE we specify the address of the steam server, set the broadcast format and press the large start button. But with the beginning we need the media server itself, you can use the services.

Services that allow you to broadcast a lot of video, but not everyone can work with RTMP protocol. Basically they are designed to work with a web-camera, but we have another task. Having spent a little time, I found a couple of suitable services, 2 of them support the Russian language.
Here are these services:
Register and get the import file settings. Either there will be provided a URL and NAME which you need to enter most in the FMLE program. The link for posting on the site will be provided directly in the broadcast itself. I recommend to register in all 3 services and thoroughly test. Neither do I want to impose, but I liked Yatv, the broadcast less buggy. But, unfortunately, they have limitations on resources. There is another option to use your server.
Own server
The license for FMS is very expensive, so the budget option is Red5 for CentOS. Manuals on installation a lot, both in English and Russian, so I do not see the point of painting, see for yourself.

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